Is Google over Android with laws?

The giant Google managed to get new deadlines to meet Brussels reproaches. The European Commission accuses Google of practicing an abuse of dominant position with Android.
Google has been again allowed additional time to respond to accusations of abuse of position by the European Commission last April. The antitrust inquiry is especially Android.

Google accused by the European Commission
Last April, the European Commission has accused Google of possible anti-competitive practices within the European Union, the fault the possibility of an abuse of dominant position . The Mountain View company would put pressure on operators and mobile device manufacturers by imposing restrictions. Google has imposed its Chrome browser search Android to allow the user to install and use the Store the largest catalog of Android applications .
Add to this the requirement to sign an anti fragmentation agreement which obliges manufacturers to not offer an alternative version of Android on any of its devices. Google must face the charges, but for now, he is constantly pushing the date fateful.
Another deadline for Google
This is the fourth time that Google is granted a request for additional time. Originally, the company had to answer for his actions on July 27 . The European Commission had warned the giant the second period was the last before granting him a third set to 7 October. The fourth period allowed pushes once more maturity to the 31 October .
It must be said that Google could be fined up to 10% of the turnover of the company, that is to say, about 7.4 billion euros .
Google at the heart of several charges
In addition to antitrust charge, Google is the subject of several charges. Among them, its scientific subsidiary Alphabet was attacked for its AdSense governed and Google Shopping service, the delays were also repulsed. In Russia, Google has been finally convicted by the FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service) for abuse of dominant position in Android smartphones. The company was sentenced to 6 billion in fines. The company also made the subject of an investigation in the US for a possible abuse of dominant position .
The European Commission has shown great patience with Google, the question is for how long.