be quiet! Pure Wings 2

Be quiet! Pure Wings 2 120 / 140mm test
The fans be quiet! have always had pride of place in our comparative fans, and we used (and still use) the Shadow Wings PWM as a reference. We will focus today on two last born of the German manufacturer, the Pure Wings 2, 120mm and 140mm. These two new products are placed in the entry level in the catalog of the brand, and should be followed shortly by two smaller models (80 and 92 mm), which will complement the range.

Compared with their elders Silent Wings 2 or Shadow Wings 120mm, both Pure Wings 2 120mm earn two blades (Shadow Wings 140mm Silent Wings 2 already enjoyed rotor blades 9), for a total of 9, which according to their manufacturer should allow them to have better air flow and a high static pressure, while ensuring a low noise level, making them especially recommended for fans and watercooling mounting cooler. We will of course hasten to verify these claims, but in the meantime, know that the 120mm model should deliver a 51.4 CFM air flow (and a static pressure of 1,25mmH2O) down from its 1500rpm, and the 140mm model is meanwhile announced a 61,2CFM airflow and static pressure 0,76mmH2O at its maximum speed of 1000rpm.
Pure Wings 2 using a Riffle bearing a lifespan significantly reduced compared to their predecessor SilentWings Pure (80000h against 200000h), but important as it represents more than 9 years of continuous use. Announced their consumption of 0,20A and 0,30A respectively for 120mm and 140mm, but we have noted that 0,10A maximum in both cases. In terms of starting voltage we measured 3.4V for Pure Wings 2 120mm, and 140mm for the 4.7V, which is consistent with the operating range indicated by be quiet! (5-12V) At the finish, even if the power cables (45cm long in both cases) are not wrapped (but at least their son are stuck), we have no complaints. The bundle is itself very light, since the Pure Wings 2 are provided with 4 screws only where we would have at least liked to find flexible fasteners. In terms of design, the corners “punctured” have caused some complications in our tests, and may cause some leakage when mounted on the radiator.

Before turning to the results obtained with our usual test protocol , know that the be quiet! Pure Wings 2 are guaranteed for 3 years and sold at the price of 11 € and 12 € approximately, respectively, for 120mm and 140mm versions.
Let’s start with the Pure Wings 2 140mm, which is close to our reference model (for a memory Shadow Wings PWM 120mm …) and did almost as well, especially at low speeds. It produces a uniform and relatively pleasant, noise-free from his riffle bearing or motor, and whatever its position. Placed on radiator, it confirms its good performance by doing better than our reference on almost its entire speed range. Pure Wings 2 120mm suffers for its comparison with our reference, and is unable to do so well, like to approach. Compared to SilentWings Pure, he was equally unable to do better or even as good, if not under 800rpm about, where do without as well as our reference, there is broad progress (it is also true that Pure SilentWings not particularly shone on this, particularly on the subject of vibration). in heater, despite its 2 extra blades compared to its predecessor, it has only come close to our reference, and even if he almost equal or equally well in two or three times, he finds himself again surpassed by Pure SilentWings.

Note that like its big brother 140mm, 120mm Pure Wings 2 is not affected by its position. Our conclusion on the be quiet! Pure Wings 2 is somewhat mixed. The 140mm version quite its rationale, and will make an entry quite convincing. Pure Wings 2 120mm meanwhile is not really improved compared to the previous range of input, and given its average selling price (excluding promotions type 1 available for 1 purchased that make it much more attractive ), we advise you rather spend the extra few euros that separate it from the Shadow Wings …